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“The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear.” -Socrates

Read below to hear what people are saying about Ricky and the Foundation he’s poured his diligent effort into.

"If you spend even a moment glancing through Ricky Sapp’s impressive resume of career highlights and notable accolades, you will find ample evidence of just how much he must know about football...about winning....about success. As a parent, it all comes back to, “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” When you see just how much Ricky Sapp cares, it is nothing short of inspirational. Several years ago, we brought our son Jaxon to work with Ricky, hoping to develop some much needed confidence. That single decision absolutely changed my son’s life. Ricky possesses this innate ability to connect with people right where they are, love them and pull more out of them than they ever thought possible. Week after week, I watched my son’s performance increase dramatically and more importantly, I watched his mentality completely transform. He dedicated himself to becoming great without hesitation or self doubt. I watched Ricky coach my son football and teach him how to replace fear with faith. I could tell you about Jaxon’s undefeated season that followed, but I would rather tell you how he became a servant-like leader on that team. The increased football skills payed off tremendously, but the lessons Ricky sowed into Jaxon’s heart and the life lessons he teaches kids will eventually become his legacy. When I sat down to write this, I asked both of my boys what they wanted people to know about Ricky Sapp.   Our younger son Maddox said “ Uncle Ricky loves you no matter what. He believes in me and he never gives up. I would give anything to go to him (work with him!”  Jaxon simply said, “Uncle Ricky is love. He is the power of love.” Inspirational, indeed!"
- Awbrey Greene
"I can’t say enough about Ricky. My son has trained with him off and on for the past 4 years. Ricky’s  love and desire for the kids to succeed is unmatched. Ricky is definitely one of the good guys and I’m proud to call him a friend."
- Scott Jones
"I am sure ur day will be full as ours tomorrow but I wanted to let you know I am forever grateful for you and your love and passion with my Spencer!  He loves you so much and I laughed as I heard him tell a friend that you were his dad!  He claims u whether u want it or not.  Lol.  So just know on this thanksgiving we give God thanks for you!   Much appreciation and love for a great man!"
- Maggie Paris